Alpine Climbing Beginner Course

This is a course that covers a wide range of the technical aspects of alpine climbing. The hands-on approach will keep learners constantly active, and it is designed to lay a solid foundation in both safety and climbing skills needed to climb big mountains.

If the principles taught this course are adhered to, and continued with diligence, it will serve well to keep you safe in your new healthy outdoor passion.

Theory covered and practiced on simulated ice and snow slopes (sand quarry) are the following:

  • Team rope travel skills on ice slopes and glaciers
  • Knots and slings, climbing harness and other gear usage
  • Prussic and jumars, set up and use
  • Ice anchors setup
  • Belaying and running belays,
  • Crevasse rescue, how to prevent and participate
  • Fixed line travel with mechanical ascenders
  • Fall Arrest on steep snow
  • High altitude, avalanche and extreme cold theory






Dear Neil,

I would like to thank you for the attentive training you offered me before I embarked on my journey to the Himalayas.

When my fingers froze at crampon point, I knew how to handle it because of the fridge session you so diligently sat through with me.

The way you showed me how to walk with the crampons is exactly what I did on the massive glacier on Island Peak.

I am however very grateful that I did not need to use the training of getting myself out of a crevasse or needing to be rescued, but understanding what would have been needed in such an event gave me peace of mind.

Everything you taught me gave me confidence and the Jumar section up and abseiling down with very little oxygen was difficult but most certainly not what it could have been if I had not joined you for the course.

Your generosity in providing me with the climbing gear I did not have is greatly appreciated.

To be able to achieve my goal of summiting Island Peak and doing it safely was a total high for me and I thank you for the part you played in it.

I look forward to joining you for more adventures.

I am writing my story and will share that with you as soon as it is finished.

Warm Regards
Charmaine Rowland
December 2018