Training Courses

Adult Beginner Climber Course

Have you always wanted to learn to rock climb, but did not want to be dropped into the deep end, or be taught incorrectly by unqualified people which could result in huge risk.

Adult Introduction to Leading Course

This course is intended as a follow-up and builds onto the Adult Beginners course for those who have now accumulated over 14 days experience in climbing and would like to take their passion to a higher level.

Introduction to Trad Climbing

This course is for the sport climber who is bored with the predictable clipping of bolts in nice straight rows.

Alpine Climbing Beginner Course

This is a course that covers a wide range of the technical aspects of alpine climbing. The hands-on approach will keep learners constantly active, and it is designed to lay a solid foundation in both safety and climbing skills needed to climb big mountains.

Parents/Coach Introduction to Climbing Course

This is a 2 evening lectures and a 3 day course where we will equip parents or school coaches with limited climbing knowledge or experience to be able to take their kids out on rock to lead climb and top rope safely.

Formal NQF Endorsed Qualifications

If you charge money or receive any other benefit from taking people out in the mountains, you need to conform to the law of our country and have the appropriate NQF qualification. Sign up for one of our courses.