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neil margettsNeil enjoys all forms of the sport: vast mountains with ice and snow, to big walls on trad, sport and bouldering. He has logged loads of climbs in many scenic spots around the globe. Neil has made significant contributions to climbing in South Africa in multiple ways. 

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neil margettsDuring his time as a high school science teacher, Samuel grew to love the outdoors. Seeing the potential benefits of adventure for personal development, he decided that becoming more involved with outdoor education was the next step in life.

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  • Bert De Jonghe

    I’m a student from Belgium who is doing a 4 month internship in South-Africa. I recently booked myself a 3 day hiking/climbing trip to the ‘Drakensberg’. Neil is a very social person who knows what he is talking about. We went up the famous “Chain Ladder” and walked up to Mount Amery. This was a 24km hiking trip that is definitely worth doing. You are literally walking in the middle of nowhere. Neil senses very well when you are a fit person or not, when to rest, when to leave you for a moment and lets you walk alone to feel the experience even more. On the Sentinel Peak climb, Neil was very supportive and explained everything very well what made me feel very secure and safe. ~ Bert De Jonghe

  • Allard

    I would, without hesitation, recommend Neil as a climbing guide, not only because of his solid technical ability in rock climbing, but also because of his passion and commitment to the sport and willingness to share it with others. ~  Allard Hüfner


  • Caryn Waldeck

    Neil has a good knowledge about the environment and his surroundings. I also find that he motivates and encourages everyone. ~ Caryn Waldeck


  • Angelo Denicolo

    I first met Neil over 17 years ago, while he was involved in the construction of the chain ladder on the Johannesburg Hiking Club's property. His preparation and knowledge of hiking is extensive and he has many years of experience behind him. I would recommend him as a mountain walking guide. ~  Angelo Denicolo


  • Dobroslaw Karol Pater

    For his extensive involvement in and contributions to the Mountain Club of South Africa at the national level, Mr Margetts received the prestigious President's Award which testifies to his leadership and organisational skills. I also believe he has the technical skills to safely and professionally guide adventure activities related to outdoor sports and recreational activities. ~ Dobroslaw Karol Pater (Chairman, Johannesburg Section, Mountain Club of South Africa)

  • David Evans

    Neil Margetts was a capable guide, I felt safe in his care on Leslie's Pass Drakensberg trip. He had creative ideas and enhanced our experience. Exceptional! ~ David Evans