Training Courses


This is a course that covers a wide range of the technical aspects of alpine climbing. The hands-on approach will keep learners constantly active, and it is designed to lay a solid foundation in both safety and climbing skills needed to climb big mountains.

If the principles taught this course are adhered to and continued with diligence, it will serve well to keep you safe in your new healthy outdoor passion.

Theory covered and practised on simulated ice and snow slopes (sand quarry) are the following:

  • Team rope travel skills on ice slopes and glaciers
  • Knots and slings, climbing harness and other gear usages
  • Prussic and jumars, set up and use
  • Ice anchors setup
  • Belaying and running belays,
  • Crevasse rescue, how to prevent and participate
  • Fixed line travel with mechanical ascenders
  • Fall Arrest on steep snow
  • High altitude, avalanche and extreme cold theory






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